Sunday, November 8, 2009

Home Again Home Again

Well it took more than 2 weeks for me to leave the desert and get to my front door. Long trip home. But it is REALLY good to finally be home. I have a full plate of things that I need/want to do. I am hoping next week to be able to take Ellie out for her first hunt. We will see if that happens. I am going to Fresno to visit U. Ray and learn how to build custom cabinets. Jessica wants me to pour concrete or lay some stone in half of the side yard. That will be a huge project. But it is her only stipulation before I get a second dog. We decided that Ellie could use a friend to keep her a little more occupied. Jessica took me to a place called Mirr Woods. It is a small section above San Fran with red woods. That was the first time that we have ever seen those big guys. It was raining and the fog set in so we could not see the ocean from our 2 mile hike, but it was a good time none the less. It was nice to be in the forest again. Well I think that this is long enough. I will post some pics of our little trip soon.



Kris said...

Glad you're home!!!! See you soon!!!

Pat said...

I am oh soooooooo glad you're home. It sounds like your afternoon with Jess checking out the big old red woods was a nice one. I remember as a child seeing them, and just being amazed that anything could grow to be that size. (Then i got pregnant with you and kris, LOL) Anyway, i can hardly wait until Thanksgiving so I can actually give you a proper hug. Enjoy your time alone with Jess, and also tell Uncle Ray I said hello! XOXOXO Mom